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The Region Director

The Region Director's most important job is to provide two-way communication from the local units and councils to the Connecticut State PTA Executive Committee and back.

What are "Regions"?
In order to facilitate better communication with our members, Connecticut PTA has has divided the state into seven geographical regions:


North to MA, east to Ashford/Mansfield, south to Rocky Hill, west to Simsbury/Granby


North to Marlborough, Andover, Sprague, Voluntown; east to Rhode Island; south to Long Island Sound, west to the Connecticut River


North to Cromwell, Cheshire, Oxford; east to Haddam, Deep River, Old Saybrook; south to Long Island Sound; west to Seymour, Derby, Milford


North to Sherman, Brookfield, Newtown; east to Shelton, Stratford; south to Long Island Sound, New York City; west to New York State


 North to New Hartford, Canton; east to Avon, New Britain, Berlin; south to Beacon Falls Southbury, Southington; west to Washington, Bridgewater, Southbury

What does a Region Director do?
The primary duties of a Regional Director, within a region, are as follows:

  • Provide two-way communication from the local units and councils to the Connecticut State PTA Executive  Committee and back

  • Promote the Mission, Purpose, and Objects of PTAServe on the Connecticut State PTA Executive Committee and the Connecticut State PTA Board of Directors

  • Attend Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings

  • Attend leadership trainings specific to the positions of Regional Director and member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee

  • Promote the purposes and goals of the Connecticut State PTA

  • Attend Connecticut State PTA sponsored activities as a member of the Executive Committee

  • Encourages attendance of local units and councils at Connecticut State PTA sponsored programs

  • Oversee expenditure of and accounts for the region funds as provided by the Connecticut State PTA approved annual budget

  • Interpret PTA policy and positions for local units and councils

  • Assist local units in the formation of a council when appropriate

  • Facilitate communication between local units and councils

  • Contact each local unit at least once annually

  • Provide assistance as requested by local units, using the Board of Directors as a resource∞    Recommend PTA member(s) within the region for appointment by the Executive Committee to the position of deputy regional director. Each Regional Director is allotted up to two deputy regional directors as needed and requested by the Regional Director

  • Work with the Vice-President of Leadership to develop and implement at least two region-wide leadership training opportunities for local units and councils annually

  • Work with the Vice-President of Membership to supervise the organization of new local units and take necessary actions with delinquent and defaulted units

  • Represent the Connecticut State PTA at the request of the Connecticut State PTA President within the region and, at times, in other areas of the state.


How is a Region Director Chosen?

  • The Nominating Committee for Regional Directors, prepares a slate of Regional Directors prior to the Annual Meeting  in the same manner as the slate of officers is prepared per the Connecticut State PTA Bylaws.

  • Region Directors must reside within the region s/he represents and be a member of a PTA within that region.

  • Annual Meeting  delegates may only vote for a Regional Director from their own region.


Want to learn more?
If you would like to contact your Region Director, click here to find out what region your local unit is in, and who your Region Director is. For more information on becoming a Region director, contact the CT PTA office.

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