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Connecticut PTA is excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with MemberHub to provide their valuable online tool to all PTA's in Connecticut…free of charge! MemberHub makes it easier to run your PTA -- engage families, raise funds, stay in good standing, and more. You’ll save hours on admin tasks, so you can focus on connecting with your children and engaging your school community.


MemberHub is valued at $1,200 per year, but they are providing it to Connecticut PTA's for free because MemberHub and Connecticut PTA want to further the PTA mission through easy-to-use technology.


MemberHub will be used to manage members, make state dues payments, report officers, and record good standing requirements, but we also hope you take advantage of all of the great features available through your free MemberHub site!


Here are some of MemberHub’s most popular features:

  • Your Own E-Store: Sell PTA memberships (including custom/bundled memberships), spirit wear, event tickets, collect donations, and more -- all online in your PTA’s MemberHub store.

  • Communication Tools: Keep families in the loop with email and text capabilities, calendars, signups, file sharing, directories, and more -- to everyone on your site or to smaller groups of people you can organize in hubs as you see fit.

  • Fundraising: In addition to selling items and collecting donations in your store, MemberHub provides a simple way to raise funds through SponsorShare. Sponsors get advertising in emails you send through MemberHub and you get a no-fuss way to add funds to your budget! Click here to learn more about SponsorShare.


  • Also click here to learn more about the Fundraising Campaigns feature!


Easily Stay in Good Standing: Your free site provides automatic member management, member reporting, dues remittance to the state, and visibility of state PTA compliance tasks.


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