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AIM Insurance specializes in providing insurance to PTA’s.  With a focus in helping PTA’s for over 30 years, AIM understands the risks involved in running your organization and can help you choose the right coverage for your PTA.  They have an excellent customer service team providing everyday support and guidance on best practices, and clear answers to all the questions that come up around protecting your PTA. 


Aim Insurance runs from 10-31 to 10-31!

If you do not receive your renewal , contact
CT PTA -203-691-9585 or

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Dear Connecticut PTA Leader,


We are living in unprecedented times. We see it every day with even more uncertainty on the horizon. We know the Connecticut Department of Education has called for schools, teachers and students to plan for full in-person instruction in the Fall. Yet, we really don’t know what that will look or feel like. We do know that all of our eyes will be on safety – of the staff, of the families and of the children.


With safety in mind, we have renewed and reinvigorated our relationship with AIM Insurance to provide your PTA with the protection you need. AIM has been a solid partner for Connecticut PTA and provides significant financial support to us. We have evaluated many options for this vital resource and found that AIM can best meet our needs.


As part of CT PTA’s ongoing mission to enhance resources and benefits to our PTA units, we have amended the required insurance package effective 11/1/2021. After consideration around the highest risk our PTA’s face and most needed coverage, we will no longer include property coverage in our standard package.  We have replaced this coverage with Media Liability and maintained the annual cost.


Your PTA will still have the option to choose to maintain Property Coverage; simply select that add-on choice when enrolling. If you are already an AIM customer, you will be receiving your renewal paperwork in a few days. Included in the renewal will be informational materials that detail each of the coverages. If you would like further information, please visit our website at


Should you require any further assistance, or need additional clarification, please contact us. Thank you for your continued service to your community and ALL children. #PTAforYourChild


Take care,


Sonya                                                   Jamie


Sonya Singh Smith                            Jamie Fagan

President                                            President

Connecticut PTA                                AIM Insurance

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