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Sandy Hook Elementary 10 Year Remembrance

As we approach the 10-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, your Connecticut PTA would like to honor those 26 beautiful lives through 26 Acts of Kindness or 26 Hours of Service.


For 26 days beginning November 19th through December 14th, your school PTA community can choose to volunteer their time through acts of service, kindness or both. These do not have to be elaborate, just simple everyday gestures that are meaningful and intentional. There are many website searches that can get you started. We have attached a few lists below but there are many to choose from!


Please post these acts to your own PTA community Facebook, website or circulate through social media. Forward them also to your CT PTA at so schools throughout the state can share in your experiences.


Ten years ago, your CT PTA asked our local families to create snowflakes as a healing initiative. Snowflakes are full of light, unique and beautiful honoring those lost to a senseless and tragic incident. Snowflakes for Sandy Hook connected emotionally with a community unable to cope with such great loss and soon caught the interest of families in all 50 states and 50 countries worldwide.


Children not only sent their artwork to our office but money as well. What started as a simple flurry turned quickly into a blizzard of love and support continuing through the 1-year anniversary. Millions of unique snowflakes followed to decorate a town so in need of hope and $1.1 million dollars donated to assist in the personal recovery of those directly impacted.


Please take this request to your PTA community and engage for 26 days in 26 acts of kindness or service in remembrance to those we lost on December 14, 2012.


Please reach out to Annie Balderelli in the CT office at 203 691-9585 should you have any questions for what to do or how to submit your efforts. From wonderful and caring people like you we should have a great outpouring of support.


Thank you for your kindness,


Jim Accomando CT PTA President 2011-2013, on behalf of Sonya Singh Smith, current CT PTA President , the CT PTA Board of Directors and the Sandy Hook Committee.

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 Savin Rock Community School PTA decided we wanted to participate in something to support the memory of Sandy Hooks lost lives.


So we came up with 26 days of kindness. And it is now being adopted by other schools in town and keeps going.


Enclosed is our calendar of Kindness events. And we ask students to share with us their act of kindness. 


Attached are a few images of the results of the kindness challenge that Ridge Road PTA (North Haven) issued for our k-5 students. We challenged our students to complete six kind acts over the last two weeks and to create a snowflake with each action. We linked all of our snowflakes together and have started to fill our main hallway with this flurry of kindness!

Christina Montanari

Ridge Road PTA President

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