Theme for 2014-2015 is...

"The World Would Be a Better Place if......." 




What do you believe in? What are your dreams? Who inspires you? Choreograph a dance, produce a film, write a poem or story, compose a song, take a picture or create a piece of visual art and tell us your interpretation of the theme: “Believe, Dream, Inspire.” Pick up a PTA Reflections Entry Form today !

  • Discover your world and explore new cultures or your own through dance, film, literature, music, photography or visual arts. No experience is required to participate in Reflections! Choose the arts category you’re interested in, create an original piece of artwork based on the theme: “Believe, Dream, Inspire” and be recognized as an artist in your community.


 Does your PTA have a Reflections Chair? Contact your PTA President about Reflections Today!