PTA Awards

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  Honor Someone Special                         

   When a CT PTA Life Achievement award is bestowed, it is someone who has made a significant     and ongoing contribution to the welfare of children and youth. The cost of this award is $75.00. Of that, $65.00 is donated to the CT PTA Scholarship Fund.

                   Contact CT PTA for an application and more information for this prestigious award.



The annual Connecticut PTA Scholarship Award (in memory of Christa McAuliffe) to one or more  graduating seniors of a Connecticut high school PTA/PTSA and is supported by honorary life achievement awards, half the state portion of Founders day gifts, contributions, memorials and funds from the general fund.  Through an application and selection process, the annual CT PTSA Scholarship Award is given to a student who expects to pursue a career in teaching.  Applications are mailed to high school PTA/PTSAs presidents and guidance offices.  
More Information will be posted after the 1st of the year.  
   The award is presented at the CT PTA Awards Dinner to be held Thursday, April 30, 2015



STUDENT VOLUNTEER AWARDThe student volunteer award may be awarded on a yearly basis and is for students, who are members of their PTA/PTSA/SEPTA and who the unit or council recognizes as representing “volunteerism at its best”! Units or councils must submit a one page narrative. Judging of the entries will be done by CT PTA.


For all schools who take on the student challenge we will have an award. Every PTA who has at least 10% of their membership made up of students will receive a membership award for their PTSA.  The student name will be put in a drawing and three winners will be pulled and awarded prizes from the state office.


                 MALE INVOLVEMENT AWARD      
  Plan 3 male involvement activities for your PTA that reduces barriers and promotes male involvement
in the PTA or the school.
(Must be chaired by a male)




Superintendent and Principal/Parent/Family Involvement Award 

 The Connecticut PTSA would like to help you to recognize a superintendent or a
principal that demonstrates the importance of parent involvement