2015-2016  Membership Cards are here!



Welcome to the 2015-2016 year in PTA.  We are excited for the upcoming year!

 This year, we have a new policy for Membership Card distribution. There are a number of changes this year so please read the following information very carefully. 


  CT PTA will be providing Membership Cards to PTA Presidents by request only.  

Presidents are asked to click the link below and fill out the "request for Membership Cards".

The quantity shipped will be determined by CT PTA.


This year,  CT PTA will customize your membership cards with the name of your
PTA and Unit ID # on the card!  


Please fill out the Membership Card request as soon as possible so we can assure we have your cards ready to ship to you the week they are requested and in time for Open House!


  We are requesting that all membership cards be shipped to home addresses,
NO schools please!


Note: Please be very careful when handling membership cards to avoid needing replacement cards. If replacement cards are needed, your PTA would have to absorb the cost of the cards.


It's That Easy! Thank you   

Membership Cards 2015-16

Name of PTA
Town in which PTA is located
Name of PTA President
Home Address -PTA President
Home Address- PTA President



email us at membership@ctpta.org the following information

Name of PTA
Presidents Name
Presidents Address, Town, Zip

The amount of cards shipped will be based on last years membership numbers.