Board of Directors


Section 1     The affairs of Connecticut PTA will be managed by the Board of Directors.

Section 2    The members of the Board of Directors are:

             a.   All elected officers

             b.   The Immediate Past President of CT PTA

             c.   Three (3) Council Presidents, as selected by the Congress of Council Presidents.

             d.   Five Region Directors (if there are co-directors they will have only one vote per region on the board of directors)

             e.   Nominating committee chair

             f.   Two at large members

             g.  Such Presidential appointments that, by their special assignment, may contribute to the work of  the Board of Directors, such appointment shall be ratified by the Board of Directors.

             h.   Two (2) student representatives

Members of the Board of Directors

   Elected Officers     

President Don Romoser    
President Elect Kathy Huber 
Secretary/Treasurer Mary Hally 
Membership Support VP Lisa Beth Savitz
Government Relations VP     Jim Accomando   
Inclusivity/Outreach VP Mary Pisani  

  Board Members

Council President Denise Creacy
Council President Jennifer Falitico
Council President  
Region 1 Director Gianna Stebbins
Region 2 Director  
Region 3 Director Marne Usher
Region 4 Co-Director Lisa Havey
Region 4 Co- Director  
Region 5 Director Lisa Jaworski
Member at Large Helen Craye
Member at Large  
Nominating Committee Chair     Beverly Blackwell
Immediate Past President Jim Accomando
Student Representative Annie Blumenfeld
Student Representative